The Second Rwandan Falling Walls Lab

Scientists in Rwanda are invited to present their new ideas in the Second Rwandan Falling Walls Lab. Apply now !
Falling Walls Labs are held annually all over the world. Young scientists present their ideas in a challenging format. You have only three minutes time to present them. It can be a challenge in science or a challenge in society you identified. You convince a jury of fellow scientists, practitioners from industry and society that you identified a relevant problem and present your solution to it. If you convince the jury you will win the competition and be invited to the “digital final in Berlin” to compete with the winners of more than 80 other nations.
What are you working on right now ? And which solution do you imagine for the identified problem ? Put it on three slides, on one you present yourself, on the second you present the problem, on the third you present your solution. This is what Falling Walls is about : presenting solutions for eminent problems. This format reminds of the walls that fell in Europe 1989. But it goes way beyond history and right into the future. We will select the winner on the 20th of May 2021.

How can you apply ? Applications go right through the Falling-Walls website. Send your application until the 3rd of May, 2021.
Get inspirations from : There you find explanations to this unique format. You will also find some presentations from former years and background information about the whole project.