Prof. Charles RURANGA

Academic rank: 
Associate professor
Applied Statistics
School of Economics
College of Business and Economics(CBE)
(+250) 788 484 421
Educational Background: 
Charles Ruranga holds a PhD in statistics (Econometrics) from School of statistics and Planning, Makerere University in Uganda in January 2018, an MSc in Economics with two specializations Econometrics and International Economics and Finance in May 2007 from Université de Montreal in Canada and a BSc in Economics from the National University of Rwanda in 2001. Prof. Charles has been working in education sector since November 2002. Prof. Charles has over 19 years of experience in academia, research, grants development and management and consultancy. Prof. Charles is Associate Professor of Econometrics in Department of Applied Statistics and Director of African Center of Excellence in Data Science (ACE-DS) at the College of Business and Economics, University of Rwanda (UR). Before serving as the Director of African Center of Excellence in Data Science (ACE-DS), he had been the Head of Department of Applied Statistics between June 2015 and August 2017, and he served as Vice Dean for Administration and Finance in the Faculty of Economics and Management at the former National University of Rwanda between November 2008 and July 2011. In 2015, Prof. Charles has participated as Principal Investigator (PI) in the development of grant proposal submitted to the World Bank for the establishment of the African Center of Excellence in Data Science (ACE-DS) and the University of Rwanda won a grant of 4.5million USD. Prof. Charles has also won a grant of 1,25 million CAD as MPI (Multiple Principal Investigator) financed by International Development Research Centre (IDRC) for conducting research on “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Techniques in Harmonizing, Sharing, Accessing and Analyzing SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 Data in Rwanda”, 01/10/2020-30/09/2022. Prof. Charles has also worked as Project Manager of NPT/RWA/053 project cooperation between NUFFIC, Netherlands and National University of Rwanda. Prof. Charles research interests lie in the domain of econometrics, quantitative economics, policy analysis, data management and Data analysis using different statistical techniques and software’s. Prof. Charles has experience in supervision of Masters and PhD students in their theses.
Research Interests and area of expertise : 
Economics using econometric techniques Statistics and data Science Policy analysis Teaching Modules/courses taught at university are Econometrics I and II, Policy Analysis, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics, Statistical software, Advanced Econometrics.
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Professional Achievements: 
January 2017 – current : Director African Centre of Excellence in Data Science (ACE-DS), CBE, UR June 2015 – August 2017 : Head of Department of Applied Statistics, CBE, UR November 4th, 2008 – July 2011 : Vice-Dean for Administration and Finance, Faculty of Economics and Management, NUR. 30th June 2009 – 30th June 2010 : Project Manager of NPT/RWA/053 project. Cooperation between NUFFIC, Netherlands and NUR March - December 2002 : Regional Representative of « Union des Banques Populaires du Rwanda » in Ruhengeri province
Personal Statement: 
Member of Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) and President of the Board of Directors and Legal Representative since October 2018. Member or chairperson of different committees at the university, some of those committees are Chairperson of the International Accreditation Committee for the MSc. Economics, Member of CBE Research Screening and Ethics Clearance committee, Member of UR Postgraduate studies committee Representative of CBE Academic Staff in UR Senate and Member of College disciplinary committee.