Academic rank: 
Assistant Lecturer
Marketing and HRM
School of Business
College of Business and Economics(CBE)
Educational Background: 
I am GAFARANGA Brigitte currently working as Assistant Lecturer at University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics and PhD student . In March 2008 I completed my education at SFB in an MBA Maastricht program with a distinction degree in Project Management. As an enthusiastic university academic staff with 12 years of experience I foster a cohesive student learning atmosphere by developing activities to expand learning opportunities. Performing as a Module leader I coordinate preparation, teaching and marking activities. I have also responsibility of preparing lectures, exercises and marking scripts, assisting students in exercises, and preparation of notes. In additional to that I provide assistance to departmental members such as invigilation of exams, supervision of dissertations, supervision of internship, evaluation of project and internship report, modules development and review.
Research Interests and area of expertise :