School of Business
College of Business and Economics(CBE)
Educational Background: 
I have a Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration and Management (PhD), specialization of Banking and Finance. I have also Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Amity University (India) and a Post graduate diploma in quantitative and qualitative research methods. My interests overall concern promoting quantitative and qualitative research. My research specializes on financial institutions (Banks and Insurances). My career track record includes more than 7 years as lecturer in higher learning institutions, 3 years as a programme development and coordinator, 2 years as an entrepreneur, and over 5 years in administration both management and finance and doing research and consultancies. I am currently working at University of Rwanda teaching different courses in Banking and Insurance department. I have conducted several consultancies, trainings, quantitative and qualitative researches using SPSS, Excell, STATA, NVIVO, Atlas.ti SAS. Experience has taught me how to build strong relationships with different people’s perspectives, partners and departments at an organizational level. I am able to work within a team as well as cross-team. I have worked with top management to resolve grant management and compliance issues. This has given me excellent people management skills. I am keen, pay attention to detail, have strong interpersonal and leadership skills, highly dynamic and can work with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds and professions.

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Career Objective

To work in a challenging and dynamic environment, in which I will gain knowledge and experience in quantitative and qualitative research analysis skills, distinguishing myself through integrity, innovation and commitment to providing quality service.