Theogene RIZINDE

Academic rank: 
Applied Statistics
School of Economics
College of Business and Economics(CBE)
E-mail: and twitter:RizindeTheos2
Educational Background: 
Theogene Rizinde is a Lecturer at University of Rwanda. Since Septemeber 2018, He is a Head of Department of Applied Statistics at University of Rwanda in the School of Economics, College of Business and Economics. Theogene Rizinde has more than 12 years of teaching and doing research in higher learning institutions. He supervised more than 40 final year projects to completion. Theogene is finalizing his PhD of Data Science from African Center of Excellent where he is specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Science Applied in Biostatistics. During his PhD training, Theogene earned a lot of training on machine learning and application from the United Stated of America, New York, and California. He earned an Excellent Research Grant for the project entitled” Prediction and Classification of Heart Failure in Rwanda using hybrid machine learning algorithm, it was in 2019. In addition to that, Theogene was the principal researcher for the research grant from National Council for Science and Technology of Rwanda for the research project entitled:” Predicting the evolution, transmission, and outcome of COVID-19 in Rwanda Using SIR model”: since 2020 up to 2022. Theogene Rizinde Conducted a baseline study funded by European Union on forms of injustice and strategies for prevention in Rwanda since the end of 2019 up to 2021. He led a study funded by USAID entitled” Towards Just and Effective Expropriation practices since end of 2021 up to 2022. Theogene is an author of various number of journal articles. He holds a master’s degree of Mathematical modelling and Scientific computing.
Research Interests and area of expertise : 
Data Science/ Biostatistics
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