Liberata Mukamana, PhD

Academic rank: 
School of Economics
College of Business and Economics(CBE)
Educational Background: 
- PhD, Makerere University, Uganda, January 2019 - MA Economics , Kampala International University, Uganda, December 2014 - Post Graduate Diploma in Gender and Local Economic Development, Makerere University, Uganda, December 2011 - MA Microfinance, University of Bergamo, Italy, December 2008 - BA in Economics, National University of Rwanda, Rwanda , 2007
Research Interests and area of expertise : 
Economic empowerment of women covering a broad range of issues namely: promotion of women’s small scale businesses, access to and control over microfinance loan services, the gendered division of labor and its impact on women’s involvement in income generating activities and other topic related to gender.



  • Iyakaremye, I., Mukamana, L., & Umutoni, J. (2020). Paternity denial and consequences on children in patriarchal society: Situation in consensual couples in Rwanda. Children and Youth Services Review, 118, 105357.


  • Mukamana, L., Sengendo, M., & Okiria, E. (2017). Control over the utilization of the loan and the pattern of the gendered division of labor in the loan-funded activity: A case of Duterimbere MFI in Rwanda. Cogent Social Sciences, 3(1), 1421010.


Mukamana, L. (2012). The Contribution of Women Organizations to the Economic Empowerment of Craftswomen: Case Study of The National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (Nawou). Rwanda Journal, 26, 93-102.

Professional Achievements: 
Liberata MUKAMANA holds a Bachelor of economics at the former National University of Rwanda(2007), a master’s degrees in Microfinance from The University of Belgamo (Italy, 2008), a Post Graduate Diploma in Gender and Local Economic Development from Makerere University (Uganda, 2011), a Master in Economics from Kampala International University(Uganda,2014). She is currently(2018) a PhD candidate in gender studies at Makerere University, Uganda. After completing her Bachelor’s studies, she worked as a marking agent in COPABU (Coperative des producteurs artisans de Butare) from 2006 to 2007. She was responsible for coordinating and supervising all the activities of exporting handicrafts products of COPABU to Italy. The main activities were the supervision of production process in the rural area, promoting Fair Trade principles, looking for all the required documents for exportation, dealing with transport companies for the delivery of the products from Rwanda to Italy. After her master’s studies in Microfinance in Italy, she joined the National University of Rwanda where she works until now. She has also worked as a consultant for a training in Gender Mainstreaming to the staff of Centre for Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing (CGIS) and geography department, School of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda in 2014.
Personal Statement: 
Prior positions include marketing agent in a Rwandan cooperative of artisans for 2 years in which she was responsible for coordinating and supervising all the activities of exporting handicrafts products to Italy. She is a lecturer at the University of Rwanda since 2009. She teach various courses in the bachelor and master’s programs offered by the department of economics. She also teach gender courses in the master’s of Gender and Development offered by the Center of Gender studies of the University of Rwanda. She is an expert in training of trainers in gender mainstreaming and has offered various training of trainers to the staffs of the university of Rwanda and other Rwandan public institutions. She is a recognized trainers of ToTs in gender aware economics by the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP). She has been involved in collaborative research projects namely “She Vax+ ”, which is an Action Research sponsored by IDRC to support women’s agency and empowerment in livestock vaccine distribution, delivery and use in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya (from September 2019- ongoing until march 2022), “ Climate resilience through Microfinance in Rwanda”, research cooperation between the University of Rwanda and Glasgow Caledonian University (From November 2020- September 2021). Currently, she is the principal Investigator of the innovative project “Financial education approach for copiing with female prostitution in Rwanda” under the University of Rwanda.The objective of this research project is to empower female prostitutes by offering them a training on income generating activities and give them seed funds that will help them to start small Income Generating Activities.