Sayinzoga Aussi

Academic rank: 
School of Economics
College of Business and Economics(CBE)
Educational Background: 
Aussi Sayinzoga has an 18-years experience as lecturer of courses including Econometrics, National Economic Accounts, Macroeconomics, Public finance, and Entrepreneurship and project management. Aussi earned his Master degree in Economics at KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, and is currently pursuing a PhD at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. He has designed and implemented field experiments (RCT) in rural Rwanda including a research on the impact of financial literacy training on financial behaviour. He has expertise in the domain of impact assessment and the organisation/execution/analysis of field experiments and Randomized Controlled Trials. He has extensive experience in research based on observed and measured phenomena and was the team leader of a team of experts that conducted a study by MINALOC on the “Development of Income Generating Activities other than Agriculture” under the theme “A Study on the Development of Grouped Settlements in Rwandan Rural Areas for Sustainable Development ”. He successfully coordinated data collection for a national wide study by CNLS that focused on the “Impact evaluation of health care given to children affected by HIV/AIDS”. Furthermore, he was part of a team that conducted a study by UNIFEM under the theme “Sexual Gender Based Violence in Rwanda”. He has conducted an impact evaluation study of a financial literacy program provided by AQUADEV Central Africa. Aussi Sayinzoga is currently a coordinator of an ongoing impact evaluation of an entrepreneurship training program catered by Akazi Kanoze project funded by USAID under the guindance of his PhD Supervisors Prof. Erwin Bulte (Wageningen University), and Prof. Robert Lensink (Groningen University).

1. Sayinzoga, A., Bulte, E., & Lensink, R. (2016). Financial Literacy And Financial Behaviour : Experimental Evidence From Rural Rwanda. The Economic Journal. 126(594), 1571-1599.

2. Sayinzoga, A., & Simsom, R. (2006). Monetary Policy in Rwanda : A Cointegration Analysis Following Neil (2003). South African Journal of Economics, 74(1), 65-78.

Professional Achievements: 
Applied Econometrics ; Development Economics ; Financial Education ; Entrepreneurship and project management ; Impact evaluation studies ; Macro Accounts ; Public Finance ; Macroeconomic Policies.