Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geography (Urban and Regional Planning)

Study level: 
Period of study: 
Programme Description: 

To be admitted, the applicant must satisfy:  Two principal passes with at least twenty one (21) points in the following subjects: Geography and any one of the following: Mathematics, Physics from the following subject combinations:

  • Mathematics, Physics and Geography;
  • Mathematics, Economics and Geography.

The Department may set its own higher entry requirements for the program

To  coordinate urban development in terms of stakeholder analysis, prepare and implement urban development plans, and apply the geospatial tools and techniques for solving the spatial planning problems; guide, administer and manage the transfers of ownership and use of land, buildings and real estate, land dispute resolutions, urban property building; advise and support the public and private land developers; advise local governments on cities, towns and villages planning, participate in elaboration of infrastructure and services plans and management plans; coordinate the action plans related to project planning and management in terms of conflict resolution and problem solving within the context of strategic development planning; and control the development of cities and towns.