Bachelor of Science with honours in Applied Geology

Study level: 
Period of study: 
Programme Description: 

 To be admitted into the programme, prospective candidates must have principal passes, at least twenty one (21) points in the following subjects: Mathematics and Chemistry or Physics or Computer Science from one of the following subjects combinations:

  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics;
  •  Mathematics, Physics and Geography;
  • Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science;
  • Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology or equivalent.

In any case it is expected that because of the nature of the program, entrance requirements will likely favor students who have excelled in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • Use and apply geological knowledge in the development of solutions  to problems in Mining and civil engineering
  • Geological data collection, recording and analysis
  • Do, analyze, interpret geological maps
  • Plan geological and land surveying mission
  • Apply geophysical methods to answer geological and environmental science problems.
  • Prepare subsurface mapping for hydrocarbon exploration
  • Apply the skills of fossils assemblage to answer geological and atmospheric problems and predict the future of geosphere
  • Prepare and disseminate scientific report
  • Lead mineral exploration project

Career prospect:

Graduates in Geology can work in a wide range of sectors such as:

  • Mining and quarry (as exploration geologist, mining geologists, project manager)
  • Engineering geology ( as geotechnical specialist, hydrogeologists, etc)
  • Environmental geology and contaminated land
  • Natural hazard and risk analysis
  • Energy ( petroleum geologist, geochemist,etc)
  • Climate change ( quaternary geologist, paleoenvironmentalists, micro paleontologists, etc)
  • Archaeological research