Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Transportation Engineering

Study level: 
Period of study: 
Programme Description: 

To be admitted, the applicant must satisfy:  Two principal passes with at least twenty one (21) points in the following subjects: Physics and Mathematics from the following subject combinations: 

  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics;
  • Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science;
  • Mathematics, Physics and Geography;
  • Physics, Economics and Mathematics.
  • Diploma in Transportation Engineering
The Department may set its own higher entry requirements for the program


Graduate Attributes & Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this module, learners  should be able to:

  11.1. Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of  the Concept  Entrepreneurship 
  2.   Identify and discover  personal attributes  of an entrepreneur
  3. Develop  successful and viable  Business Ideas,
  4. Identify and recognize business opportunities, 

11.2. Practice: Application of Knowledge and Understanding:

  1. Make use of the surrounding opportunities  for idea identification
  2. Transform ideas into commercial ventures,
  3. Develop a solution for your customers' problems 
  4. create a ‘campus venture’ or a "real" venture of their own