Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Engineering

Study level: 
Period of study: 
Programme Description: 

To be admitted into the programme, prospective candidates must have Two principal passes with at least twenty four (21) points in the following subjects: Mathematics and Physics or Computer Science from the following combinations. 

  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics;
  • Physics, Economics and Mathematics;
  • Mathematics, Physics and Geography;
  • Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science;

A bachelor’s degree in computer and Software Engineering opens a wide array of career opportunities including the following:

  1. Hardware Engineer
  2. Embedded Systems Engineer
  3. Cyber Security Specialist
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Software Architect
  6. Software Testing Engineer
  7. Computer Network Architect
  8. Computer Network Engineer
  9. Network Security Engineer
  10. Computer Network Administrator
  11. Database Administrator
  12. Full Stack Developer
  13. Information Security Analyst
  14. Computer Systems Analyst