Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Mathematics (Applied Mathematics)

Study level: 
Period of study: 
Programme Description: 

To be admitted, the applicant must satisfy:  Two principal passes with at least twenty one (21) points in the following subjects: Physics and Mathematics from the following subject combinations:

  • Mathematics, Physics and Geography;
  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics;
  • Physics, Economics and Mathematics;
  • Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

The Department may set its own higher entry requirements for the program

Training students to acquire

  1. Mathematical knowledge with focus on its applications;
  2. Different methods of reasoning with logic that help solve real life problems;
  3. Technical/practical skills (IT) as tool in solving efficiently large scale problems that occur in industry.

A student graduating in this program has ability and practical skills

  1. To work as analyst for private companies that deal banking, insurance (Risks), real estate development, etc.
  2. To head an office in charge of data analytics in industrial domain where IT is used extensively;
  3. To head an office in charge of operations and operations research for any industry.

To blend in a research group for task pertaining to data processing and data management.