Professor Geoffrey Rugege

Geoffrey Rugege, a Rwandan born in Uganda, is the Vice Chancellor of the African Leadership University Rwanda. He is also a retired professor of linguistics having taught linguistics in the University of Louisiana System (Grambling State University) and in the University of North Carolina System (Fayetteville State University) in the United States for 28 years.

He served as Executive Director of the National Council for Higher Education Higher Education Council in Rwanda aka Higher Education Council (HEC) (2009-20013.

He obtained a Bachelor's degree from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, his M.A. and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Before going to graduate school, he served as General Manager of Uganda Publishing House in Uganda before he migrated to find asylum in the United States. During his professional career in the United States, he served as head of Department of English at Grambling State University in Louisiana. He has edited and published three books: two anthologies of African American Literature: The Black Orpheus published by Simon & Schuster (1996) and Introduction to Literature: Drama, Poetry and Prose by Thomson Publishers (2002) and a Kinyarwanda-English Dictionary (2010). His linguistic work has been in the area of lexicography in which he has participated in the Kamusi Project, started at Yale University. The Kamusi Project is an online interactive dictionary of various African Languages, including Swahili and Kinyarwanda. In 2004, he obtained a two-year research grant ($ 311,000) from the NEH to develop a three-language online dictionary: Kinyarwanda Swahili-Dictionary, which continues even after the grant the grant period, expired. This grant involved collaboration between Grambling State University, Yale University, University of Illinois and the Institute of Research in Science and Technology (Rwanda).

He is married to Anne Nyarubona Rugege for over 43 years, has four daughters and nine grand children. He continues to be passionate about education, exploring innovative ways of offering higher education using effective methodology and technology.


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