A delegation from Groningen University visits UR


On September 30th 2019 : In the framework of the new MoU between the University of Rwanda and the University of Groningen, a delegation from the University of Groningen has visited the University of Rwanda.

Dr. Anita Veltmaat Senior Policy Advisor, International Strategy & Relations (ISR) at the University of Groningen and Mrs. Kirsten Wolkotte, Coordinator of the International Office at the Faculty of Law at that University held a meeting with Prof Philip Cotton, the Vice Chancellor of the UR together with Dr. Denis Bikesha, Ag Dean of the School of Law, Dr. Etienne Ruvebana, Senior Lecturer in the School of Law and Alumni of the University of Groningen, Dr. Yves Gapasi Muhire, Coordinator of the LL.M Programs at the School of Law-UR, Dr. Elvis Mbembe Binda, Lecturer at the School of Law-UR.

The discussion was around how to effect the components of the MoU that include the exchange of scholars and staff, exchange of students, and joint research activities and publications. It was agreed that each party would use all necessary efforts to enhance the collaboration through concrete actions that would be proposed from either party. This was in a spirit of increasing the internationalization vision of both universities in order to make more impact beyond borders.

The delegation also participated in a dinner with the Alumni of the University of Groningen held at Ubumwe Grand Hotel in Kigali. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Rwanda honoured the invitation to that dinner. In his remarks, he noted that he was highly impressed by how the University of Groningen has had an excellent impact on the capacity building of Rwandan Institutions, including UR.

Each one among the alumni members shared his/her experience and expressed not only the great academic impact on them through the quality education obtained from the UG but also the exceptional contribution of Kirsten in her office of the international office of the Faculty of Law. Both Anita and Kirsten appreciated the collaboration with the Alumni, and they emphasized the contribution of the University of Rwanda (where the majority studied before they joined UG) for the excellent preparation for master and PhD programs at the University of Groningen.

Dr Etienne Ruvebana who coordinated that activity thanked all the participants and promised to keep that liaison role. In his closing remarks, Mr Jean Bosco Mutangana, Prosecutor General and Alumni of the University of Groningen thanked the Delegation and reiterated the contribution of the University of Groningen in the capacity building, especially in the legal sector.

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