Announcement- English Proficiency Test for UR staff

The management of the University of Rwanda through the Centre for Language Enhancement (CLE) informs all UR staff (both academic and administrative) who registered for the English training that they will sit for the English Proficiency Test from 4th to 7th February 2020 in their respective campuses. The aim of the test is to assess the English Proficiency levels of UR staff. The test will help the trainers to identify the needs and gaps of the staff in different English language skills (listening, reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, speaking, and writing) so as to provide training materials and methodologies that are mostly appropriate to address their needs and gaps in English. The test will be made of five sections namely listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, writing, and speaking. It will be administered online, via the UR moodle platform, except speaking skills, which will be assessed separately through face to face interviews of 5 minutes. For other sections, the allocated time will be two hours.
For further information, please contact Hakizimana Innocent on 0788464791, Uwishema Filius on 0788463939 or Kagwesage Anne Marie on 0788532191.