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College Program Name &Contact of the Postgraduate Coordinator
CBE Master of Business Administrations Dr. Misago Isae Kadhafi
(Finance ,Project Management,Human Resource Management,
Marketing,Insurance and Banking) Phone no : 0788863930
Master of Science in Data Science in Data Mining,Biostatistics Dr. Ruranga Charles
,Econometrics,Actuarial Sciences and Demography
Phone no : 0788484421
Master of Science in Economics Dr. Aristide MANIRIHO
Phone no : 0788803193
Email :
Phone no : 0788836348
CST -Master of Science in Electrical Power System Dr.Emmanuel Ufiteyezu
-Master of Science in Renewable Energyms,
-Master of Science in Energy Economics Phone no:0782122418
-PhD by Research in Electrical Power Systems
-PhD by Research in Renewable Energy
-PhD by Research in Energy Economics
-MSc : Wireless Intelligent Sensor Networking(WSN) Dr.Damien Hanyurwimfura
-MSc : Embedded Computing Systems (ECS) Email :
Phone no:0787394447
Biomedical Engineering Dr.Gerard Rushingabigwi
Phone no:0785469187
Master in Physics Prof. Catherine Meriaux
Email :,
Phone no:0791207298
Geo- Information science Dr. Josephine Malonza
Email :
Phone no:0788625651
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics Assoc.Prof. Frauduald Minani
Email :,
Phone no : 0788526497
Master of Science in Atmospheric and Climate Science Prof. Bonfils Safari,
Phone no:0788508669
Master of in Environmental Chemistry Prof.Theoneste Muhizi
Email :,
Phone no:785319618
Master of Science in Biodiversity Concervation and Dr. Fabien Rizinjirabake
Natural Resource Management Email :
CMHS Master in Health supply Chain Management Dr. Jean Baptiste Nyandwi
Msc in Pharmarveitical Analysis and Quality Assurance Email :
Phone no : 0783027835
PhD by Research in Nursing Dr. Priscille Musabirema
Email :,
Phone no : 0788497838
Health informatics Assoc.Prof. Celestin Twizere
Rehabilitation and Mobility Sciences
Phone no : 0788634578
-Master of Hospital and Healthcare Administration(MHA) Assoc.Prof. Jean Baptiste Sagahutu
-Master in Science in Medical Microbiology
-PhD by Research in Biomedical Sciences Phone no : 0788800152
- PhD by Research in Rehabilitation Science
CASS Master of Science in information Systems Dr. Frederic Nzanywayingoma
Master of Science in information Technology Email : f.nzanywayingoma@
phone no : 0780310446
-MA in Translation and Interpretation Dr. Joseph Rusanganwa
-PhD by Research in Literature
-PhD by Research in Translation Phone no : 0788743915
- PhD by Research in Interpretation
- PhD by Research in Linguistics by Research
- PhD in Translation and Interpretation
-Master of Social Sciences in Gender and Development Dr. Josephine Mukabera
-PhD by Research in Gender and Development Email :
Phone no:0783428317
-MA in Genocide Studies and Prevention Dr. Peter Mugume
-MA in Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation
-MA in Security Studies Phone no:0788393500
-PhD in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies(by coursework)
-PhD in Peace and Development (by research)
-PhD in Leadership and Reconciliation
-PhD IN Social and Political Sciences(By research)
Master in Development Studies Dr. Joseph HAHIRWA
Master of Social Sciences in Local Governance Studies Email :
Phone : 0788503090
Master of Arts in Media and Communication Studies Prof. Margaret JJUKO
Email :
Phone : +250786519033
LLM in Business Law Dr. Silas Eugene Seminega
LLM IN International Criminal Justice and the law of Human Rights Email :
CAVM -Master of science in Animal Production Dr. Charles Ruhimbana
-PhD by Research in Animal Production Email :
-PhD IN Agricultural Sciences Phone no : 0788598151
Master of Science in Agribusiness Dr. Celestin Bigirimana
Master of Sciences in Crop Sciences Email :
Master in Science in Agroforestry and Soil Management Phone : 0788764361
Master of Science in Circular Agro-Economy (MSc. CAE)
PhD by Research in Agricultural Sciences
CE PhD by Research in Biology Education Mr. William Kizza
PhD by Research in Chemistry Education Email :
PhD by Research in Mathematics Education Phone number : 0780839778
Dr. Marcellin Rutegwa
Email :
Phone no:0788356696
Master of Education In Biology Education Mr. William Kizza
Master of Education In Chemistry Education Email :
Master of Education in Mathematics Education Phone number : 0780839778
Master of Education in Physics Education Dr. Leon Mugabo
Email :
Phone number : 0788522916
Master of Education in Special Needs Education Dr. Habinshuti Gonzague
PhD by Reseach in Education (Disability Stadies) Email :
PhD by Research in Education(Inclusive Education) Phone number : 0788809234
Master of Educational Readership and Management Dr. Benjamin Bizimana
Email :
Phone no : 0788828673
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Gabriel Nizeyimana
Email :
Phone no:0783715674
Master of Education in English Education Dr. Jean Paul Ngoboka
Email :
Phone no : 0739507118
Master of Education in Kinyarwand Education Dr.Valentin Uwizeyimana
Email :
Phone no : 0722172770
Master of Education in Kiswahili Education Dr. Wallace Mlaga
Email :
Phone no : 0781579596
Master de l'Education en Enseignement du Français Dr. Josephine Tuvuzimpundu
Email : tuvujosephine@gmail
Phone no : 0781548336
Postgraduate Cerficate for Teaching Dr. Philothere Ntawiha
and Learning in Higher Education(PGCLTHE) email :
Phone no:0788459421
Postgraduate Diploma in Education(PGDE) Dr. Delphine Mukingambeho
Email :
Phone no : 0788470872

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