Call for expression of interest in the study on quality of laboratory service

To contribute to the quality of healthcare in Rwanda, a study is being conducted in clinical referral laboratories in Rwanda : NRL, CHUB, CHUB, RMH and KFH. The study is being done through a PhD project financed through the University of Rwanda-Sweden Program ; and is being conducted by Dr. RUSANGANWA Vincent as Principal Investigator (PI).


The research project includes a qualitative component targeting people working in the national referral laboratories. It is planned to conduct 32 In-depths interviews among key informant persons to be recruited in the above-mentioned referral laboratories. The current call for interest is to look for a qualified person to conduct in-depth interviews with key informants, verbatim/transcribe interviews and provide transcripts to the PI for analysis.


Responsibilities and requirements :

  • Participate in the conducting of 32 planned key informant interviews ; and digitally record them (recorder to be provided)
  • Transcribe recorded interviews in Kinyarwanda and ensure the coherence of transcripts.
  • Translate transcripts from Kinyarwanda into English
  • Handling transcripts in Kinyarwanda and English to PI within a contracted period for checking them
  • Respect all research ethical requirement and confidentiality


Qualifications and profile of candidates

  • Academic degree in language sciences : the candidate should be fluent in Kinyarwanda and English
  • Proven experience in conducting qualitative research interviews and verbatim transcription.
  • Having a minimum of Master’s degree in Public health is preferred added value


The application package including motivation letter, CV highlighting prior experience in qualitative research interviews and verbatim transcription, should be submitted to Dr. RUSANGANWA Vincent through the following e-mail address : with copy to Prof. Jean Bosco GAHUTU on by February 17th, 2019 at 12:00. The candidate should indicate the number of days to finish the work and his/her honorarium per day. The work is to be done continuously including working days and weekends until the work is completed.



Done at Kigali, 14th February 2019




Ag. Principal of College of Medicine and Health Sciences,

University of Rwanda

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