Call for participating in a multinational campus climate survey on interpersonal violence


Accept my greetings, Dear students !

I would like to remind you that The University of Rwanda is committed to providing a campus environment free of interpersonal violence, which we define as sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence.
In this context, you are invited to take part in the "Multinational Campus Climate Survey, which aims to Understand University Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and experiences. With Gender-Based Violence."

A research team from UR/CMHS, in collaboration with international partners, is conducting this survey. We want to learn more about students’ knowledge and satisfaction with resources and policies on interpersonal violence. The data we collect will be used to improve campus response, intervention, and prevention efforts.

To participate in this survey, please visit the link provided at the bottom, and I would highly appreciate it if you fill in this survey before the next 3 weeks.
I appreciate your time and effort in completing the attached questionnaire ; it is a significant contribution to a violence-free campus.
Mrs. Mwiseneza Marie Josee, the principal investigator, on behalf of the research team.

Duration : The Survey is opened for 6 weeks starting from : 7/23/2023 up -to- 03/09/2023

Please follow the Survey link below :

The Survey is opened for 6 weeks starting

From : 7/23/2023 up -to- 03/09/2023