Deadline extension for the call for application in master of Health Supply Chain Management (13/03/2020)

Dear Applicants

The RCE-VIHSCM is pleased to inform you that the deadline for application has been extended from 13th March 2020, to facilitate those who haven’t been able to complete their application due to technical problems encountered. We would like to inform international students that the application fee of $14 has been waved during application period allowing them to pay once admitted to the programme. You can now apply through this form with only one condition to have a gmail account. To apply use this link we will help you to transfer

If you need any help,

 please contact Mr Joseph Ngenzi Lune at +250 788497722 or with a copy to


Before starting the online application process, make sure you have the following documents of less 10 MB scanned into PDF format.


  1. A cover letter which should contain the candidate’s motivation to join the program
  2. Detailed curriculum vitae
  3. Copies of academic certificates (Notarized copies will be required before admission)
  4. Copies of academic transcripts (Original/notarized transcripts will be required before admission) 
  5. Two recommendation letters from academic referees who are knowledgeable about the applicant and their studies
  6. Recommendation from the employer or employer representative at the applicant working institution 
  7. Copy of national identity card or passport 
  8. Copy of Receipt for application fee for national applicants


To transform the medical and health sciences, bio-engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, eHealth and eLearning and other Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), as well as research and health care delivery, the 9th Ordinary Meeting of the EAC Sectoral Council of Ministers of Health, held on 17th April 2014 in Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania, approved the implementation of the proposed “Multi-National East African Community (EAC) Regional Centres of Excellence (CoE) for Skills and Tertiary Education in Higher Medical and Health Sciences Education Program” (EAC/SCM/Health/Decision 024), as follows :

  1. The Republic of Kenya to host the “East African Community Regional Kidney Institute (EACKI)” ;
  2. The United Republic of Tanzania to host the “East African Community Regional Heart Institute (EACHI)” ;
  3. The Republic of Uganda to host the “East African Community Regional Cancer Institute (EACCI)” ;
  4. The Republic of Burundi to host the proposed “East African Community Regional Nutritional Sciences Institute (EACNSI)” ;
  5. The Republic of Rwanda to host both the Biomedical Engineering and E-Health and the “EAC Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunization and Health Supply Chain Management (EAC RCE-VIHSCM)”.

The same EAC Sectoral Council of Ministers of Health directed the EAC Secretariat to undertake and effect the proposed establishment and implementation arrangements of the “Multi-National EAC Regional CoE’s for Skills and Tertiary Education in Higher Medical and Health Sciences Education Program” that will be hosted by the respective EAC Partner States (EAC/SCM/Health/Decision 025). 

These decisions were upheld and fully endorsed by the 29th Ordinary Meeting of the EAC Council of Ministers, sitting in Arusha, Tanzania, from15 to 20, September 2014, through its directive number (EAC/CM 29/Decision 035) to the EAC Secretariat. The Council of Ministers directed that the EAC Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunization and Health Supply Chain Management (EAC RCE-VIHSCM), henceforth the RCE, be established with the following mandate :


  1. To strengthen the health supply chain leadership in the Community ;
  2. To support the professionalization of the health supply chain management cadres ; and 
  3. To create a hub from which innovation in health supply chain management can be engineered and disseminated. 


Consequently, the EAC Secretariat and key stakeholders officially launched the RCE at the University of Rwanda (UR) on 24 March 2016.

Following the launch, the RCE has started to deliver on its mandate by enhancing capacity and strengthening systems along the supply chain to deliver quality vaccines, pharmaceuticals and health commodities at an affordable cost and at the right time. The RCE has done this through training and research. 


The training includes short- and long-term programs that target personnel employed in key positions at the Extended Program on Immunization (EPIs), national medicines agencies or stores and hospitals in the EAC Partner States. Presently the RCE offers a master’s degree in Health Supply Chain Management (MHSCM), which is internationally benchmarked and regionally validated by the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) and the national councils of higher learning of EAC Partner States. The Master’s Degree in HSCM was launched in 2017. It is a two-year program delivered under a blended learning approach to cater for the in-service status of students. Studies are organized through Face-to-face (on-site) learning, which accounts for 12 weeks and the remaining time is spent on a) distance learning b) work placement and c) dissertation writing. The curriculum is composed of modules arranged by semesters :

  1. Semester I : Introduction to HSCM, Health Products Selection, Quantification and Procurement, Storage and Distribution, Introduction to Human Resources Management and Field Placement 1.
  2. Semester II : Equipment Management, Resources Management, Leadership and Professional Management and Strategic Procurement and Field Placement 2.
  3. Semester III : Applied Research Method, Optimization of HSCM and Integration of New Technologies in HSCM ;

iv).     Semester IV : Research Proposal, Data Collection, Dissertation writing and defence.


The entire Masters programme is 2 years divided into 4 Semesters :

Semester 1 First year : - Face-to-face : 3 weeks

Online/distance learning : 5 months and one week. Here, you work online and there is no need to be in University of Rwanda. What you need is internet. 

Semester 2 First year : Same as above

Semester 3 Second year : Same as above

Semester 4 Second year : Same as above


The RCE is currently encouraging applicants to apply in Masters programme for a period of 2020-22 intake starting in April 2020.



The programme targets participants with :

At least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Pharmacy, Public Health, Procurement, Logistics, Supply Chain, Nursing or other related health sciences with a minimum of at least two years’ relevant work experience in the area of HSCM at mid or senior management level.


The programme is hosted by the University of Rwanda in Kigali and courses are delivered in English language.


Applications should be submitted no later than Friday,13th 2020. Courses for this intake will start on 27th April 2020.


Self-sponsored candidates are encouraged to apply and will be given first priority. The tuition fee is Euros 6,000 payable in installments at RCE account. 


EAC RCE-VIHSCM has reserved some scholarships for students from EAC Partner States in public institutions.