Inside UR-CE Distance Training Program


The University of Rwanda has recently issued a call for applications to its College of Education’s Distance Training Program (DTP).The program was introduced in 2001 at the former Kigali Institute of Education (KIE), currently the University of Rwanda’s College of Education (UR-CE). The program aimed at upgrading in-service secondary school teachers in pedagogical skills and at alleviating the shortage of teachers both in terms of quality and quantity. Today, pre-service teachers are also admitted.
Status of DTP
Currently, there are 16 combinations of Diploma Program in Education (A1) in the named subjects with potential upgrade to Bachelor’s degree. Those combinations are : Biology-Chemistry with Education (BCE), Maths-Physics with Education (MPE), Maths-Chemistry with Education (MCE), Maths –Biology with Education (MBE), Physics-Chemistry with Education (PCE), Maths-Computer Science with Education (MCsE), Physics-Computer Science with Education (PCsE), French-English with Education (FEE), Kinyarwanda-English with Education (KEE),English-Literature in English with Education (ELEE), Kiswahili-English with Education (KEE), French-Kinyarwanda with Education (FKE), History-Geography with Education (GHE), Entrepreneurship-Economics with Education (EEE), History-Economics with Education (HEE) and Geography-Economics with Education (GEE).

Assessment is organized in Tutor Marked Assessments (TMAs), Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and Final exams. Actually many activities are done through UR eLearning Platform. Students are supported by eLearning Officers, Course Development Officers, Heads of Regional Centers, and lecturers. The mode of delivery is Blended Learning ; this is a style of education in which students learn via electronic and online media as well as traditional face-to-face teaching. Face-to-face sessions are organized once per semester in each of the five Centers.

“Some sessions are organized online depending on the nature of the module, while CATs are done only online. Also, videoconferencing/tele-education system is used for induction and face- to- face sessions,” noted Dr. Nduwingoma, the Coordinator of the Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL).

DTP is most relevant as it gives better chance to unqualified teachers of secondary schools and aspirants to upgrade their pedagogical skills and academic competences. Tuition fee is 327,000 Frw per year.
Until 2017, DTP was delivered through distribution of printed modules, weekend tutorials and face-to-face sessions.

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University of Rwanda-College of Edcuation