Masters course on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Governance 8-12 July, 2019 UR Nyarugenge Campus, Kigali

Climate Change and Sustainable Development Governance

July 8-12, 2019

UR Nyarugenge Campus, Kigali

Course Overview

Rapid economic growth and innovative governance have contributed to
Rwanda’s status as a leader on the African continent. But impacts from
climate change are already having an impact on the structural elements that
underlie those successes, and adaptation will be essential for Rwandans to
continue to thrive. This course will begin with an overview of the global
policy elements that frame climate change and sustainable development
governance. With a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa broadly and Rwanda in
particular, we will then explore the ways communities vulnerable to climate
change achieve resilience. Guest speakers from government ministries,
non-profits, and the private sector will provide valuable perspectives.
Organized as a multi-disciplinary module, the one-week intensive course
will link the Sustainable Development Goals with problem-based learning.
Participants will receive a certification for completion.

Tentative Schedule




· Introduction to sustainable development & the
Sustainable Development Goals

· Introduction to climate change mitigation &
adaptation policy

Tues. 7/9

· Sub-Saharan Africa, climate change, and sustainable

· How do we know what works ? Targets, indicators, and
performance measurement



· Key issues facing Rwanda : food security, gender equality,
urbanization, health

· Rwanda’s strategy : National Action Plan, Green Growth
Strategy, and others



  • Roles for local governments and individuals
  • Research gaps and opportunities in Rwanda



· Opportunities to build sustainability on the UR campuses

  • Wrap-up, celebration, certificates

Course Logistics

This course is meant for Masters students enrolled in Masters programs at
University of Rwanda in areas related to environment, sustainable
development, climate change, biodiversity conservation, policy, and gender.
The course will be held in Kigali ; lunch and tea breaks will be provided.
Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate.
To register for this course, send a letter explaining why you want to take
this course and how it fits with your professional goals and current
Masters program training, and include your CV.Email the letter and CV to

with CCSDG course in the Subject line of the email. Deadline to apply :
15 June 2019.

This course is made possible by the Fulbright Specialist Program of the
U.S. Government. The Center of Excellence in
Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management, College of Science and
Technology at University of Rwanda is hosting the guest instructor and
coordinating the visit.

Instructor Biography

Dr. Lisa Dale teaches at Columbia University in the undergraduate
Sustainable Development program. Her work on climate change adaptation
includes participation in the Steering Committee for the Earth Institute’s Adaptation Initiative, as well as serving on the Leadership Group
for the United Nations Environment Program’s Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape (A2R) Initiative. She has focused much
of her own research on case studies throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Before
relocating to the east coast in 2015, Lisa lived and worked in Colorado for
25 years and has a deep history in land use across the American West. Her
work in that region includes research on wildfire governance, public lands
management, and endangered species protections. She has a Ph.D. in
environmental policy.