UR hosts a Science Diplomacy Dialogue for an Evidence-Based


UR hosted a one-day workshop on Science diplomacy Dialogue organized by the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA)

The workshop which took place at UR Gikondo introduce-ed the network to the science actors in Rwanda as an opportunity to share how Rwanda is advancing in science and innovation towards its 2050 vision. Present were different UR stakeholders and partners like Ministry of education (MINEDUC), National Council for Science and technology (NCST), Rwanda Academy of Science (RAS), Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA), and African Centres of Excellences.

The aim of the workshop was to build and increase the capacity of key actors in research delivery on science diplomacy for improved impacts of development. The workshop served at the same time as The International Network for Government Science Advice in Rwanda (INGSA-Rwanda) currently hosted at the UR. It was also an opportunity to discuss on respective roles, existing opportunities, and risks of using science as a diplomatic tool to develop relationships, integrating communities of researchers by incorporating the process and findings of science and technology into policies ranging from local to global. Science explained in simpler words help policy makers develop the research that can lead to policy implementation.

The International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) is a forum for policy makers, practitioners, national academies, scientific societies, and researchers where they share experience, build capacities, and develop theoretical and practical approaches to the use of scientific evidence in informing policy at all levels of government.
The network provides advice to governments on issues related to science and technology for an evidence-based policymaking.
Story by Daniella Mutamuliza
Volunteer in communication Department at UR Headquarters