UR wins National Moot Court Competition


The University of Rwanda School of Law won National Moot Court Competition in Property and Land Law under theme “Adjudication of Land Rights Before Rwandan Courts : Legal Challenges and Judicial Perspectives” that took place at UR Gikondo Campus on 27th Jun. 2019.

UR students pinpoint that moot court competition is a very good learning process that it is more over practice for them to practically plead before they end their studies at the university and afterwards implement them in their future career.

UR students

Patricia Mutesi a Law student at the University of Rwanda says that the competition has sharpened her minds practically. “This competition helped me to learn how to expressing myself through articulating and interpreting laws on side of claimants or respondents,” she said.

Speaking to the UR communication team ; Mr. Leonard SEBUCESHA a lecturer at UR School of Law considers this competition very useful to the students. He says that they create a fiction court that composed of professional judges whereas students are claimants and respondents as it is in real court. “We bring this competition to help law students to behave as future lawyers and judges through avoiding fear before court and get aware of laws by applying them to the existing actions.”


On other hand, SEBUCESHA noticed that there are some gaps to the law students especially answering tough questions related to the laws. There are also some few students who are not able to answer basic questions that every beginner must be aware of.

According to Dr. Elvis Mbembe Binda the President and Chief Executive Officer of iPeace, there are other plans to helps law students master their career through competitions and workshops. The next competition is scheduled in November, 2019.

The University of Rwanda won the first seat against University of Kigali (UoK). Other participants were from Kigali Independent University (ULK), Institut D’enseignement Supérieur de Ruhegeri (INES) and University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNLK).

IPeace is a Rwanda non-governmental organization that strives for peace through human rights and good governance.

Internee in the office of Communication