Vaccine manufacturing will boost development in Rwanda


Kreditanstalt Fur Wirtschaft (KFW) delegation visited the University of Rwanda on 4th May 2022 for a meeting that took place at UR headquarters to understand the existing landscape of efforts related to vaccine manufacturing workforce development in Rwanda including the involvement of TVET and IPRCs.
They discussed about the East African Community (EAC) Scholarship skills that were supported by KFW for master’s degree in Center of Excellence in Vaccines Immunization and Health Supply Chain Management (CE-VIHSCM).

In his remarks, Prof, Alexandre Lyambabaje recognized the importance of the Center of Excellence in Vaccine, Immunization and Health Supply Chain Management with vaccine manufacturing in Rwanda. It gives hope that the center will play a critical role to train people who will be supporting vaccine manufacturing.

Jens Bessai, the Division Manager AU and EAC added that the collaboration is very important as it brings a lot of skills and enhances the ways of working out Supply Chain Management challenges for vaccines and other health commodities through incremental capacity improvements. Moreover is the contribution to the academic side by seeking the key to playing a role in preventing any pandemic because there will be strategies to combat it.

The Regional Centre of Excellence (RCE)’s mission is to establish basic and advanced health supply chain management (HSCM) training in the EAC region and support the professionalization of HSCM cadres. The Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunization and Health Supply Chain Management (RCE-VIHSCM) is one of four African Centers of Excellence (ACEs) housed at the University of Rwanda.

The University of Rwanda was grateful to receive KFW delegations.

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Story by Ntawulikura Rosine, Intern in UR Communication Department