call for registration to participate in a training on Research Communication


Are you wondering : “How do I reach out with my research to funding bodies, decision-makers and the general public ?”or “What is a communication plan, and when should a researcherhave one ?”

In November 2021 and January 2022, doctoral studentsand researchersat the University of Rwandaare welcome to participate in a course on research communication.

The research communication course will be led by Sara Arvidson,Head of Communications and Linda Harradine,Research Communicator, from ÖrebroUniversity, Sweden. Together, they have many years of experience in teaching and training research communication. Through enhanced research communication, Örebro University has strengthened its brand and,along with it, generatedan increased media impact for the university’s research.

“The course will clarifywhy it is important for you, as a researcher,to participate in the public discussion – and how it contributes to a better society. We will also sharepractical tips on how you can better reach out with your research results,”explains Sara Arvidson.

Courses begin with a digital component (via Zoom) and will take place between Monday 8 November to Friday 12 November 2021.
The next component will be on campus at the University of Rwanda headquarters in Kigali, from Monday 24 January to Friday 28 January 2022.
Click on the link to review the syllabus.

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