Residential life

Residential life for students who stay in the University campuses is different from the life of students who stay outside the university in so many ways. Even approaches to studies, especially self-studies are just different. There is a tendance of high concentration and having more time allocated to studies than it is for non-residential students. However, this does not necessarily mean that residential students live in heaven.
Something that is common to both residential and non-residential students is that while still at school, one is more controlled than being at the University and in University hostels in particular. Therefore, students need to know that school environment is totally different from the University environment in so many ways. Study approaches are different, rules and regulations are not similar, at the University students have more individual liberty compared to secondary school environment and outside University environment. Individual students therefore need to plan time effectively for personal studying.

Living outside campus – eating well, sleeping well

It is important to note that not all UR students live in University hostels. Some students do live outside campuses. Some do live in rented houses and some others do come from their family homes. Living outside campus is tricky as students get destructed in so many ways. Consequently, this requires them to be principled. Above all, whether one stays within or outside campuses, all students need to eat well, sleep well and excise well in order to have a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.