URSDF at a glance

University of Rwanda-Solidarity and Development Foundation (URSDF)



URSDF at a glance

On 22nd August 2018, the Board of Governors of the University of Rwanda (UR) created a fundraising instrument for the University called “University of Rwanda Solidarity and Development Foundation (URSDF)”, bearing in mind that studying at university involves high financial costs related to tuition, accommodation, food, and transport and academic materials. Many brilliant students struggle to meet these financial costs and fail to pursue their educational dreams and are maintained in poverty conditions.
Believing that “Education is the greatest equalizer of conditions of men and women”, the University of Rwanda (UR) has created a UR Solidarity and Development Foundation (URSDF) with the aim of supporting financially disadvantaged students and empowering them to achieve their full potential as human beings, as well as to unleash it for their personal growth and societal impact.
URSDF financial assistance to needy students is initially limited to registration fee, tuition fee, accommodation costs, placement fee, restaurant fee, prosthesis/orthotics fee, as well as covering costs incurred following unfortunate incidents such as accident, sickness or loss of a parent/sponsor. However, the ultimate goal is also to reach a point when URSDF shall have sufficient financial resources to contribute to improving the teaching, learning, research, social and extra-curricular infrastructures of the University, as well as to supporting the University’s community service activities.
The URSDF provides one of the avenues that UR Alumni and other donors can use to give to the University and ensure its continued transformative impact.

You can donate and support this noble cause.


Support UR students’ virtual learning during COVID-19 crisis

The financial strain that the COVID-19 crisis is placing on our students is unparalleled. Most of the students at the University of Rwanda already come from low-income backgrounds. So as you can imagine the impact of the current crisis across our student is very significant.
The URSDF would provide a source of help for students facing the worst financial effects of the crisis. The COVID 19 outbreak emerged when the URSDF was still at its infant stage and was trying to mobilize enough resources to support students.
The University of Rwanda community recognizes that within its student population there are members who are financially deprived and live in remote areas and, hence, need internet and ICT equipment (Computers or Tablets or Smart phones) in order to access the University e-learning platform during the COVID-19 crisis and thereafter.

Your donation will be used to purchase part of the said equipment for the needy students above mentioned ; and this will contribute to make a difference in the lives of our University neediest students and spur their creativity and innovation for socio-economic development of Rwanda.

We are facing extraordinary times. The global community has to come together in a way many will never have experienced before. You, our alumni and friends, have continued to inspire and instill hope throughout these times.

We understand it is a difficult time but hope you’ll help us spread the word on what our University is doing. If you feel inspired to support, know that every gift, whatever its size, makes a difference.

It is high time to support UR student community service

It is evident that COVID-19 pandemic is, unquestionably, proving to be a serious threat to humanity in general and Rwandan population in particular. There is a likely risk of other crises in the future and, as a leading higher learning institution in Rwanda, UR should better be prepared to mitigate the likely series of crises by ensuring its corporate social responsibility and community service.
The University of Rwanda has a triple mission : teaching, research and community service. In this respect, UR is keen to tie the three fundamental dimensions of its noble mission. The University has a major role in the integral development of Rwanda considering its experienced human capital, professional skills and expertise in a diversity of domains so much social, economic, scientific, cultural and technological.
The guiding assumption, in this regard, is that there is an absolute need and an open opportunity for UR community to contribute satisfactorily to the socio-economic transformation of the Rwandan community. Considering the vivid high quality multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills, relevant research and effective community service based on community real needs and aiming sustainable community development, the University of Rwanda is, undeniably, a genuine key actor of social and economic development of Rwanda.

The University students, graduates, staff and Alumni are expected in the forefront of this wonderful endeavour.

Your donation to this cause will help UR engage the community with intent to achieve the following :
-  Changing the mentality of the University students by setting-up constructive initiatives/projects and social entrepreneurship micro-projects.
-  Concretely and effectively supporting the Government of Rwanda in the process of jobs creation and poverty reduction.
-  Promoting the University involvement in community service programs by partly funding creative students’ endeavours and, hence, fully contribute to the national development agenda.

Thank you for helping the University of Rwanda effectively solve burning community development problems.


How you can donate to URSDF

Your donation to this Foundation will make a difference in the lives of the neediest students and spur their creativity and innovation for socio-economic development of Rwanda.

You can donate to URSDF using your MTN Mobile Money

You can also make a direct deposit to URSDF bank with the following bank details :

Account Name


Account number

00094-65029218-78 (FRW)


00094-07745404-02 (USD)


Bank of Kigali (BK)

Swift Code


Knowing your love for the University of Rwanda as your alma mater or partner, we have no doubt that you will spare no effort to ensure that the purpose and objectives of URSDF are achieved.

We are grateful indeed.