A student focused University !


We have taken cognizance of the role of students and put them at the centre of our focus. We provides significant learning assistance and other facilities that lead to student success. We also realized that we need students more than they need us and this has been a driving force towards our decision making in prioritizing their wellness and education of the highest quality.

Indeed we impart a great deal of knowledge and values like social and civic responsibility to our students with much emphasis on their academic work in our quest to make them people who thrive-with good etiquette and work ethics.

The academic freedom gives our students the capacity to own their learning which is a catalyst of the success the University has been witnessing since its inception. The students are also free to engage in some other extra-curricular programmes and events provided they help them to expand knowledge and skills for the future.
Besides, we train students who are much concerned about the welfare of the community and this triggers their involvement in community outreach activities that are meant to alleviate life standard of the population and therefore students become strong contributors to society.

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