Where teamwork is the key to success


Our success much depends on teamwork and this is always valued and encouraged in order to attain our common goals and mission. It doesn’t take long for new students to adhere to the teamwork culture which they meet at the University. Like the saying goes ‘If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together’, in teams, students take advantage of the diversity of individual experiences, skills and opinions so all of them can come up with the same understanding on different subjects which help them move forward.

Students’ teamwork helps them to detect and explore their talents and competencies which gives them strengths and confidence to use in their next endeavours. Teams are always assisted by faculty members who play a major role similar to that of a coach to assess if the teams have exhausted all the options available for them and also help them leading to the right direction.

The teamwork is also encouraged because solo skills can’t take people anywhere especially in today’s workforce. No matter what bad experiences students may have in working in teams, there will come a time when they will know that team working is not an option but a necessity. In addition, whenever students embrace teamwork, their skills will be incorporated in their schoolwork and thus help them to thrive particularly in their prospective workplace and their community at large.

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