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We are building the biggest online repository for Africa focused research and you can be of help.

We need you to join Afribary alongside thousands other researchers/scholars to share your quality (published and unpublished) research projects/papers/articles.

Why Should You Join Afribary & Upload Your Research Documents ?

1. Remember the story of the lion and the hunter ? 

Afribary is a community and online library for all Africa related research. We believe loads of quality research in the continent lies unharnessed/undistributed. When you share your research on Afribary you will be helping largest online database for Africa focused research. Afribary is an online platform to showcase the depth of valuable research on and in Africa. Let’s tell our stories !

2. Current research platforms don’t treat researchers with the respect they deserve

We believe researchers get the short end of the stick currently. Afribary is changing that by sharing subscription revenue with our authors/researchers based on impact. When other scholars use or download your research you share in the revenue we get. We pay authors monthly as soon as they reach the $50 threshold.

Note that we accept only quality written (published or unpublished) research projects, thesis, papers/articles etc. You can upload your undergrad or postgrad degree projects/dissertations, papers published in journals, yet to be published papers/articles etc. Join thousands other scholars sharing valuable research today.

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