The university of Rwanda (UR) ; the Unique Public Institution has launched its Alumni Association on the 18th March 2017.

The newly established body is affiliated to about 90, 000 graduates trained from the 6 former Public High Learning Institutions.

A Founding Leadership Committee of 12 prominent people is now on board to operate at the advancement of our Institution ; using their social and professional networks to create benefiting partnerships with the university, giving of their time for teaching current students, supporting the placement of trainees in their societies, etc.

The University of Rwanda is committed to multiply organization of special events, with the intention of celebrating a UR education. Those important moments will serve at connecting students who are about to complete their bachelor’s degree and recent graduates to former UR officials, CEOs and Successful company Owners. Those schedules will be opportune occasions for exceptional ambassadors to sharing youth their skills and acquired experience. Business cards will be as well labeled as another tool to jobs and a career – opening opportunity, thanks to the influence of the invited Alumni.

A link on the UR website will soon connect the public to the respective college websites (which function as the Alumni chapters), for useful information on the university achievements and various exciting events. Please use the bellow contact person and let us know if you have any question on the UR Alumni Association.

Dr Rose Gasibirege
UR Alumni Specialist
Tel : 0784118500
Email : /

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