For last four years the University of Rwanda graduated the total number of 32,938 graduates, 54% graduated in Non-STEM and 46% STEM areas. But we wouldn’t have been able to support those students on their educational journeys without sponsors like our alumni.
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Leave a Legacy
The history of men stands continuity of heritages ; and because of this, every person exists as an heir and has the duty to leave a legacy. No one can claim to have nothing to leave to the next generations. Like in the relay race, where each one of a competing team has the opportunity to defend its group, any member of a society, a community or an institution has to owner the responsibility to maintain the intergenerational bond.

The greatest dream of a human being should be to contribute to the transformation of the world a little better during his journey on earth. Having benefited from previous generations, it is important to be impactful to someone’s future for he/she will sustain our stay on this Globe after us.
Have you benefited from the University of Rwanda in terms of education, professional experience, partnership, etc.? Please use your influence and encourage people donate to UR meaningful developed programs.
Be ambassador for your Alma Mater by mobilizing Friends, Charitable Organizations, Financial Institutions, Community Foundations and the Media to support UR causes including needy students. Join a Network of more than 90,000 family members of UR. As late Nelson Mandela said, “it is in your hands to make a better world for all who live in it”.
Although you have continued your endeavors outside the University of Rwanda, you still can leave an incredible legacy in the UR community. The following are three ways you can make your mark on the UR community :

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