Clinic/health Insurance


It is important to note that UR has got two types of insurances to students. One of them is a scheme for medical insurance while another one is for Life insurance to cater for students while doing internship or during industrial attachment. This particular one is provided by an Insurance company called UAP Ltd.  

Students at UR are registered under what is called Medical Insurance Scheme (MIS/UR). This enables them to have access to dental clinic services from different Hospitals in the country. These Hospitals include ; Kanombe Hospital, Masaka Hospital, Kibagabaga Hospital, Muhima Hospital and Nyarugenge Campus Clinic. Detailed information can be got from the Guild and Students’ Welfare offices. 

In addition, all UR Campuses have clinics in their premises apart from Rusizi (soon opening) and Rwamagana that uses Rwamagana Hospital, which is located opposite its location. However, the UR clinics in all campuses remain wanting. Therefore, there is a need for extra efforts to upgrade their operational status including staffing them in the right way. 

Health, hygiene and sanitation 

Students need to have good health, hygiene and sanitation conditions that promote teaching and learning environment. The University is committed to ensure that there exist on all its campuses and in its environment in general conditions for good health, hygiene and sanitation. In order to achieve this, students are required to abide by the rules and regulations that govern hygiene. 

Students easily access clinics at their campuses. These clinics are more of first aid giving for ailments that are not complicated. In case of ailments that are more complex, which cannot be handled by the campus clinics, patient students can be referred to big hospitals to get advanced medical care. All registered students are supposed to have Mituelle de santé, which allows them to get possible medical services so fast and easily. 

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