Student welfare


The Directorate of Students Services is an office which serves as a link between students and UR-College/Campuses administration and has an important mission to improve the students’ welfare on the University campuses.

Its staff provides a variety of services related to accommodation, catering, health, sports, and cultural activities. The unit also ensures that students maintain discipline at all time they are on the campus or outside the campus.


The University of Rwanda possesses a limited hostel accommodation capacity. Every student duly registered is eligible to apply for accommodation in university hostels.
A set of written instructions and rules governing the hostel are established by the University management. The applicant should read and clearly understand them and should, in this regard, sign a form declaring that he/she will observe and obey those rules and instructions governing hostels.

Application for accommodation in University hostels

• Application for UR hostel accommodation should be done online through the official UR website. It can also be done manually ; in this case, students should write their application letters to the Campus Director of Students Welfare and submit them to the Wardens.
• The assessment of applicants will be made by accommodation committee which is composed of.
• The Director of Students’ welfare who is the chair of the committee, Wardens and Campus Guild Council Minister of Social Welfare.\

Criteria for accommodating students

In allocating University Hostel accommodation to students, the following criteria are applied in deciding who to prioritize :

1. Guild council committee
2. Students with disability
3. First-year students
4. Students with special cases
5. Students in category one of Ubudehe
6. Female students.

Hostel Fees

• Each student offered accommodation in University Hostel pays accommodation fees as determined by UR senior management.
• The mode of payment is determined by UR Senior Management. Exceptions to the specified mode of payment can be granted only by the College/Campus administration upon submission of a written request with genuine reasons.
• The Campus management can make other exemptions if deemed necessary.

Accommodation contract

• Each student who has been allocated a room in a University hostel must sign a contract with the University.


It’s very important for a student to join such clubs because they help in building confidence, learn more about University life. These clubs and associations expose students to fellow colleagues from different region, religions, courses which brings about confidence, interactions, sharing of ideas and thus socializing them....

Student organizations help strengthen leadership skills.

On-campus club or association allow students to “take on responsibilities or challenges to lead and make a difference in the university community” and “provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a good leader.

Joining an organization is one of the best ways to build a bigger network.

One of the most important things in college is networking with people who share similar interests because it gives you the chance to explore possible career opportunities and learn what it takes to reach your goals.

Student association teaches time management.

While dealing with the struggles of being a college student, one might feel that organizing priorities and managing time has become a bit of a problem.

They build friendships.

Friends allow sharing their passions with people whose the world through a similar lens. Student organizations give them that chance to meet people who share similar interests, and others who don’t.


It is imperative for school age children to have access to sports and games. Not only does it empower youth and promote higher self-esteem, but it also motivates students, enables them to earn better grades, Numerous physical benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases and learning the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle after graduating(Theodore Hesburgh).

It is in this regards that in every campus in students’ welfare directorate there is a staff in charge of sports and culture who organizes and administer all sports and culture activities within the college and try to enhance them day to day in collaboration with sports and culture minister from students’ union.

All students of the University of Rwanda, both male and female, shall be encouraged to engage in sports and physical activities for their social, emotional and physical welfare.

Students talented in individual or team sports shall be detected and developed to enable them to achieve excellence and be the best they can be. University teams and athletes supported to participate in internal, national, regional and international sports competitions. The trophies won by teams and athletes representing the university belong to the University not to the winning teams or individuals.

At the University of Rwanda, in its different campuses, you will find students various games such as football, Basketball, Volley ball, Handball, karate, cricket game, Kungfu, Tennis…


Culture and social activities are the extracurricular activities in which participate a significant number of students.

These activities include
Community work :
- Every last week of the months the students in own campus participate in Umuganda community work.
Culture activities :
- Every campus has more than one culture troupe which work to gather with gucurangainanga, ikembe, umuduri, drama …………
Volunteer work :
- this activity is organized many times in clubs or associations.


The students’ union in campus is composed by the strong organs which have the superior duties of representing their colleagues in campus entities.
The students’ union at the campus is composed by four major organs

1. General assembly
2.Students Board of Representatives
3.Executive committee
4.Arbitration committee


The general assembly has the following responsibilities :
- Approve the plan of action presented by the executive committee in agreement with the students’ board of representatives.
- Approve financial management and to take some decisions regarding the resources of the Campus Students union
- To make a follow up of all interests of the Campus Students union
- To support, reject or change the amount of contribution from the members
- To advice other organs or criticize the performance of any member of the Campus Students union.


- Advise the executive and arbitration committees
- Promotes and protects all students’ interests concerning academics and welfare.
- Inspects the executive committee activities.
- Establishes or changes permanent and temporary commissions towards the betterment of the union and determines the members of the commissions. These commissions are voted from the members Students’ Board of representatives.
- Monitor the resource utilization of the union
- Analyze proposals of rules and regulations, governing the student’s union from the executive committee, arbitration or permanent and temporary commissions and are approved by the General assembly.
- Has the power to call one of the executive committee members to give explanations concerning his/her duties.
- Has the authority to suspend one of the students’ boards of representatives’ members or executive committee and reports this suspension to the executive campus/college committee, URSU executive committee and arbitration committee within 7 days.
- The school and department representatives shall represent their respective students in the school and department council respectively.


- Executing day to day activities of the association
- Execute plans, orders, rules and regulations governing the associations
- Manage all profitable projects of the association
- Follow – up on activities that are planned by the association which are related to it
- Employing workers to help the association in its important duties as may be advised by the students’ board of representatives
- Accept, reject or stop activities of the internal students’ associations and clubs.
- Take an immediate decision in agreement with the students’ board of representatives that would have been taken by the general assembly and communicates it to the general assembly in its next meeting.
- Present to the general assembly a report of activities accomplished during the semester.
- Implement decisions of the students’ board of representatives
- Every minister shows his/her monthly report of activities done in his/her ministry to the speaker of students’ board of representatives and after gives a copy to the general secretary.
- Note : The Guild council members are accommodation exonerated according to the acknowledgment of the heavy work they operate among their colleagues.


Apart from the health insurance, UR students have insured the following cases :

- When students are attending laboratory work
- When students are doing an internship at and out of the University
- When a student is in canteen and restaurant in the University premises and any other areas recognized by University.
- When a student is attending games at and around of the University under the recognition of the University.
- Any damaged caused between students themselves on any other person from the learning environment.
- Working hours for the student are unlimited for activities recognised by University.

Prepared by :
Murebwayire Dative