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Through our various colleges and Schools at the University of Rwanda and in partnership with other institutions, research councils, government agencies, we offer World-class postgraduate education and continuing professional development through flexible, part-time courses to give you - and your employer - the competitive edge.

Why you should join us ?

  • flexible, part-time programmes specially designed for busy professionals
  • access to amazing learning, research and teaching facilities available at the university of Rwanda
  • gain essential skills needed by employers to develop their workforce
  • opportunities to enhance career paths and improve employ ability

Some of the programs offered at the various colleges include :

College of Business and Economics

University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics (UR-CBE) offers various courses including :

  • Procurement Short Courses
  • CPA through KASNEB and ICPAR
  • Banking and Insurance Short Courses

Click here to read more about the programs at the CBE website

College of Education

University of Rwanda college of Education (UR-CE) offers various language proficiency courses including :

  • Certificate Of Proficiency In Kinyarwanda
  • Certificate Of Proficiency In English
  • Certificate Of Proficiency In French
  • Certificate Of Proficiency In Kiswahili

Click here to read more about the programs at the CBE website

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